Friday, October 5, 2007

Lancaster Woman Responds

I received a comment on my last post titled 'Bush Faces Opposition in Pennsylvania'. It was from Sherry Wolfe, the woman who removed her jacket (and blouse) to reveal a pink shirt that said, "George Bush, your war killed my friend's son". Here is her comment:

Hi, I'm Sherry Wolfe, the protestor who wore the t-shirt to a Bush event in Lancaster, Pennsylvania,Oct. 3, 2007.I am responding because it seems there is a theory appearing on a few blogs that I was in collusion with the Bush Camp, that they staged it to polish their image, and I was not really a protestor.Total baloney.I am most definitely real ,and most certainly not working for George Bush's goons. For those wondering if the President saw me wearing the shirt; YES INDEED he was looking right at me as I took off my blazer , then unbuttoned and removed my blouse revealing the t-shirt. I was so close I saw his eyes move up and down reading the words.My friend ,Gerry Beane was sitting next to me and was chosen to ask the first question. I absolutely could not believe it was really happening.I never expected to get in the place, let alone have a question answered.When Bush called on Gerry I was in total shock.(I must say ,I am far,far from a perfect Catholic, barely go to Mass any more,but I have seen the pain and grieving the Adams family is going through, and that morning I kept saying over and over and over " please god, please god,please god, let me get that letter to the president.Just let me get the letter to the President.I don't care if I'm arrested, just PLEASE GOD LET ME GET THE LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT."I am telling you, and you can laugh , but something happened that day that I truly believe was meant to be.The opportunity was
PERFECT, ( I can see why someone might think it was staged,I couldn't believe it was happening myself. I am actually still running on adrenaline, and have barely slept. )So ,as Gerry stood up to talk and the cameras focused and the crowd turned to listen to him...BINGO. After the shirt was exposed I kept my hand on my cell phone ready to hit the number of my attorney, in case I got hauled out of there.( I was actually stunned that I managed to make it through 3 security checkpoints. Even though I had a valid pass, I figured the secret service would scan the guest list and block me ,seeing as I have been involved in many anti-war events. )Well after I made it inside everything unfolded so smoothly it was surreal.I am a member of the Lancaster Coalition for Peace and Justice. We are a small group, but we are VERY organized.A legal team was in place outside, we completely anticipated that once that t-shirt was visible, I would most certainly be removed and arrested.To my knowledge no protestor has ever managed to stay, so I was in shock, on auto pilot when I realized what was occuring. Because Bush had just finished expounding on religion and prayer and forgiveness; telling the crowd "Christian values were his first priority", ( yeah, right ...sure George ... you make a better stand up comedian than President of the United States.) Here's why they refrained from tackling me:It was a very small Town Hall setting.All the seats were in very close proximity to the Pres. I was about 20 feet away from him, in the second row of the left hand bleachers. The Nickel Mines Amish families who lost children in the school house shooting last year,were lined up ,sitting in front row vip seats .We figured he didn't want to look like a hypocrite in front of them, ( even though he is one), and drag a woman out of the room, after trying to impress the crowd with his "good 'ol boy-homespun-regular-heck-of-nice-guy " spin. There was no way they could have discreetly removed me . So, the secret service crowded in a corner near me.But as Gerry was talking they cut his mike and for the duration of the meeting ,WGAL, the local news station did not broadcast video of us or much of the crowd. Just kept the camera on Bush. What a laugh, security had no idea if there were more people planted in the audience.The snooty members of the Chamber of Commerce were seething. Afterwards,as the reporters swamped me, a woman ran up and started ranting and raving, getting in my face, saying we need to be in Iraq. She made a fool of herself.They had been so proud to meet their esteemed dictator .Apparently I had spoiled the lovefest. Just wanted to share these details, but please remember
this action at the Chamber of Commerce Bush Town Hall Meeting was not
about me. The imperative was to hand deliver a letter from a good friend
whose son Brent Adams died under mysterious circumstances in Ramadi
Iraq, Dec.1, 2005. The family has had no co-operation from the military ,and
wants and DESERVES answers, and some measure of closure.
Not only was the letter given to Bush, the White House called the Adams
family 3 hours after the meeting, saying the president had read the letter,and is ordering an
investigation into the death of Brent.
(We will try to make sure he keeps his promise.)
If wearing a t-shirt that most guests attending the meeting considered obnoxious, then
so be it. You do what it takes to get the necessary attention of the
press,hence the attention of the President.
I pray in the future the Adams family finds some peace of mind, if that is even possible. God bless them.

Sherry Wolfe
Lancaster, Pa

I am very happy to hear from her. I was just so surprised that they did not get arrested. Her comment explains alot. Well we can mark one for our team.

(Sherry, if you read this, please email me. I would love to talk to you.)

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