Saturday, November 10, 2007

Divine Women in Black

The Women in Black are the most beautiful bunch of women I have ever met. They are mothers, wives, grandmothers and sisters. They are young and old. They are all lovely. In Asheville, they have been standing downtown for six years now. Every Friday, they are a moral rock standing vigilantly through rain, snow or sunny weather. They are Buddhists, Agnostics, Christians and Jews. They are all Divine. They are all women of the Goddess.


I follow you
You follow me
I walk in your footsteps
You walk in mine
Round and round
We circle
A sisterhood in black
We flock together
In Madrid
In New York
In Buenos Aires
In Toronto
In Rome
Silently asking
To stop violence
To have peace

Our footsteps
How long?
Will we learn?

We are tall
We are short
We are old
We are young
Mujeres de Negro Para la Paz
We are experienced
We are patient
We are dedicated
We want to stop violence
We want to have peace
From Bethlehem
To Belfast
To Baghdad
To Belgrade
To Beijing

I walk in your footsteps.
You walk in mine

- Carla Rodio © 2002

Join us sisters, young and old. This concerns us all. Women have been repressed for too long. The patriarchal religions have forced us down. No longer! Women rise up! Stand for the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan, stand up for your sister abused, rise up for the women who cannot across the world. It is our time.

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