Monday, January 7, 2008

Stop Buying Bush's Wars

This is our last year "shopping like Santa's zombies" at Christmas. I found myself spending way too much on presents this year. With a young child, we wanted to do the Santa thing and make sure she had a terrific Christmas. But she is starting to figure it out, the magic is over. Don't get me wrong, she will have presents next Christmas, just not as many and the majority of them may just be hand made.
We spent the Saturday before Christmas at the mall. No, we weren't shopping (not with the Raging Grannies) was Operation Stop Buying Bush's Wars. With more planning, we would have been able to sing more songs. We met an hour earlier to plan our action. Instead of planning, we practiced the songs. But it didn't matter how well the songs were sung. There is "no singing in the mall" as the security guard told us before he pointed us to the nearest door and before we could get through a single verse of our second song. Location was a major issue. We were standing right next to a side exit. We'll be back again with greater numbers and with a detailed plan. Unless by some amazing turn of events, the war on terror ends.

After being threatened with arrest, with we found a spot next to the road to sing our songs of a world without materialism, debt and war. Thank you, Raging Grannies.

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