Friday, May 9, 2008

Economic Stimulus Scam

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You might not want to count on your stimulus check. Not if you owe back taxes, student loans, child support or other money. This whole government stimulus issue is a scam, a scam for the government to get their money, owed by the poor working class people of this country. In this time when our country is in a recession leading towards a depression, why would they just give people money? Did they think that people who actually received a check would spend it on something other than bills? The whole thing is a SCAM! Just imagine how many people are counting on receiving a check, some will spend the money before they receive it. When it is time for their check to arrive, many will receive a note from the IRS stating why they did not receive anything because they owe the government money from their student loans, which they could not make the payments on because of their ballooning mortgage payments. With the money they thought they were receiving already spent, this brings them further into the hole. This will lead to further foreclosures, worsening the recession, leading us further down the road to a second depression. Don't you find this hypocritical of our government to tell us not to spend our money on bills yet they take it for bills you owe them? Just how much money does the government receive back?
Don't get depressed about this though, remember, the government has your best interest at heart. (Yeah right) They want to you continue spending, continue to accumulate debt. The whole credit score system is based on being in debt. If you do not have much debt, this counts against your credit score. But if you have too much debt, this also decreases your credit score. This whole credit score thing is a scam, too. Where do you rank on their score card?
The government takes up to a third of what people make. When you only make $20,000 a year, a third of that is too much. When it comes down to it, we are not citizens, we are slaves to the US economy. Slaves to our capitalistic, imperialist government. Slaves to the once almighty dollar.


Anonymous said...

I don't recongnize this government anymore. This government was designed to be for the People by the People. This form of government serves it's people.
The Constitution now is considered a Colonial document by the US Supreme Court. The very thing they were sworn to protect. Amazing. Just like a Wizard, poof it's gone. What the hell are we fighting to protect then? All those lives,pain and misery, resources. Like thieves in the night.

Waldo said...

Exactly. Why are people putting up with this? Why don't we band together and stop this tyranny? If anyone wants to win back America, post your comments under mine to let me know. I'm ready to start protecting my rights. Are you or don't any of you care anymore?