Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fillin', Killin', and Drillin'

As our country has quickly slipped into our second Great Depression, I have remained silent on my blog. So much is much to take in. The last hurricane to hit the Gulf (was it Ike?) caused a gas shortage in the Southeast, Asheville included. In fact, Western North Carolina may have been the hardest hit. Panic was the word of the week here, with gas rising as much as $5.50 per gallon. Although it was better that Katrina, price wise anyway. During Katrina, gas rose well over $6.00 per gallon. This time it was a bit different, an ugly species of human emerged...the hoarder. People lined up, sometimes taking over four hours to get their gas. Some pulled their boats and all the gas cans they could find. The smarter stations limited the amount of gas, $10-50 dollars worth. My husband and I avoided most of the mess. We put $20 in our car when the hurricane was hitting land. We remembered last time. We started conserving gas more, something we should have started a long time ago, and our daughter started riding the bus.
The mortgage crisis has not left us unharmed, although we are renters. Our landlord got one of those adjustable rate mortgages and has has to raise our rent or risk losing our house. I guess you could call this a trickle down crisis.
Do I have to mention the stock crash or the hate-filled presidential campaign? OK, I'll talk about Palin. I cannot fathom why any thinking person would support the McCain/Palin ticket. Especially women. I have to post this info about Palin:

As Governor, Palin offered a $150 bounty for every front left wolf paw. She thinks of them as vermin.

She doesn't want any pesky environmentalist messing with her killin' and drillin'.

How can you argue with a whale?

I am very scared for my daughter's future.

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