Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Assasinating Mother Nature

I remember the commercial from childhood, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature". I can't remember what product they were hawking but I remember the saying. What is our country up to? Are chem trails poisoning us or are they harmless smoke? Is there such a thing as harmless smoke? I just have too many questions. Once you start caring, it gets overwhelming. Like Neo taking the pill in The Matrix, I begin to see how far the rabbit hole goes. I am still falling.

This link contains military, government,and scientific reports pertaining to perpetual war,space wars,military budgets,aerial spraying,arms trading,procurement,and arms control, to list a few....

Here are a few pictures of unnatural cloud formations:

Are these harmless, or are they experimenting on us?

Also, what about the genetically modified meat, fruits and vegetables? It's enough to want to become a farmer and grow your own food, feed your own cattle, after all, that's what my parents did when I was little and before I was born. In New Hampshire, we had a small farm with pigs, a cow, chickens, ducks and a big vegetable garden. Here are some guidelines for buying fruits and veggies at the supermarket:

The PLU codes on fruit and vegetables contain four
numbers (i.e. 4859), if it's organic, 5 numbers starting with a 9 (i.e. 94859).
But! if you see 5 numbers starting with an 8, (i.e. 84859),
that means the fruit/vegetable is GMO, a genetically modified organism.

Gaia is crying...

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