Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 = US Invasion

This September 11th....(what has that phrase come to mean, anyway) I plan on acting out and speaking up, but what to say? Stop the War?...no...too simple, this pain I feel is much deeper...Impeach Now? ...Yeah, like our lap dogs in DC would actually listen to the American people. I know, if I could only fit this on a sign...End the Occupation, REALLY Help the Iraqis, Stay out of IRAN, Try Out Leaders for Crimes Against Humanity, Treason and War Profiteering, Save Our Soldiers, National Health Care Now, Global Warming IS Real and WE Need to do SOMETHING, Stop Deciding what Country to Aid or Invade Depending on What's in it for US, Keep the Internet Open for ALL, and He's a DIVIDER not a Decider. I guess I may have to pick an issue.
Getting back to what 9/11 means. It is an approval stamp for illegal invasion and the erosion of our civil liberties. It is a mating call for the "compassionate conservative". It is a time for Bush to try to increase his approval ratings. Oh, it is a time to remember the tragedy of 2001.

We have a new tragedy in the world, the murder of over one million Iraqis. The current estimate on Iraqi deaths is 1,035,964. Each Iraqi blog I have read talks about over one million dead and over four million displaced either inside Iraq or forced out. Some blogs talk about politics, most talk about the occupation and some read like the Diary of Ann Frank.

One blog in particular, I will discus today. She is a 15 year old Iraqi girl nicknamed "Sunshine".

This week my friend Marwa visited me, she lives in my neighborhood, and I find her really nice person, they were forced to leave their home in Baghdad and come to Mosul, she felt like a stranger but not for long time, because we made a party in school for the girls who came from Baghdad and allocated money, and bought new clothes and stuff they need (I participated in that and wrote a post about that event).
Marwa's house was in my aunt Rose's neighborhood, the situation there is not good and Marwa saw many dead people thrown in front of her house, she talked to me about that, she even witnessed murders in front of her eyes. It is really hard to see a person murder and you can't do anything to stop that. It is not strange here, many teenagers witnessed murders and saw horrible views, even the kids.
Once you start looking at Iraqi blogs, it is hard to stop. The horrors they face every day makes me cry. This next quote is from her mother's blog:

I can't bear more anxiety, fear, and sadness. Counting our losses every day. Yesterday we lost our dear family senior; he is my father's uncle. He was shot to death by the American soldiers in his parent's in-law neighborhood. He is 78 years old. He was such a great man, educated, warm, and faithful to his wife who died with cancer, he raised his three children by himself to up bring a doctor, an engineer and an accountant. He remained without marriage for twenty years. Then he got married again. He was an ex-officer in the army….We all loved and honored him…we used to gather in his house every Eid; I will miss his kiss over my forehead as he used to, when we kiss him.My uncles and of course my dad considered him their best friend. They had very nice memories together; he was definitely their model…He will be missed by his friends and family, he is that kind of person that leaves emptiness.I couldn't sleep last night, neither my parent's, my husband nor my father in law. I wonder if the soldier who shot him and left him in his car ,asked himself about that old man , did he wondered if he was alive or died immediately?.. Did he sleep as a lamb?! Probably he forgot all about it, and had nice dreams….….The soldiers left him dead in his car after they shot him BY MISTAKE , then Iraqi policemen found him , used his cell phone to call one of the his family members.........
more details about the accident ......

We need help to stop the violence, and the disrespect of the humanity. I am giving some of the details about my relative's accident to seek for help, and investigation. On Wednesday afternoon about 5 pm. My dear grand uncle was shot by many American bullets from the right side while he was driving his car (Dark brown" Opel\vectra", model 1991.), in a residential neighborhood, "Al Tairan ". The report of the forensic doctor mentioned that the victim was turning his head toward the left, when he got the first bullet on his neck (that one caused immediate death), the other was in his upper right side of his chest, and the third bullet was on his upper part of his right arm.Such accidents, I mean shooting innocent people, had been repeated to a large extent that turned the appreciation of the Iraqis toward the American liberation from Saddams' regimen to hate or violence or at least suspicious about the intentions of the Americans' coexistence in Iraq …I doubt, there is any Iraqi still trust the Americans' being in their homeland, even the most peaceful optimistic……..
more about my daily life events....l
on the second day after the accident,I left my bed in the morning to find a sandy storm; I asked Sunshine to stay home to avoid asthma attack. But she refused (self-willed girl)…After an hour, she phoned; as soon as I heard her voice I expected she had asthma attack. But I was wrong; she phoned to tell me that she was in najma's house because a rocket or a bomb exploded to leave some damages in her school, with two injured girls, and 900 terrified girls….
What are we REALLY doing over there?

I will end this post with a quote by our Liar in Chief:
Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.
September 20, 2001

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«—U®Anu§—» said...

What are we REALLY doing over there? I've been asking that question since before the war started. I wrote a blog post about that a month ago. Before the war I told people sure, stealing their oil is a big part of it, but balance of world power is another reason. Permanently establishing ourselves in the region could allow America to harness or assimilate eastern populations before and after the end of the oil era. Of course, Iraqis weren't just going to hand the country over to us, so the strategy has been to simply exterminate the population. In the post I said we'd effectively wiped out 20% of the population. I didn't include the people who have been permanently, totally disabled or those who have become destitute and homeless but have not relocated. If you add them, the percentage is about 50%. Those people are effectively exterminated because they are no longer viable social entities in their communities, and will probably be unable to achieve upward mobility.


I wish you lots of luck with your trip to court. You're doing well with your site. I have been busy and not writing on mine. Furthermore, I got really discouraged doing some research about the mechanism of violence. I remembered it as a subject of interest during the Vietnam period, and found an article about a study. In doing it I waded through endless websites for support groups which looked useless, and lots of people looking for a handout. Do we as a species care so little about our own survival? I spent quite a few years as an over the road driver, and the way people drive certainly suggests far too many people don't care if they make it home alive or not. I guess it's just wishful thinking by me that I don't want to believe what I saw on the road, and what I see happening to our country with the war and civil liberties. On the other hand, things should get interesting (one of these days) if history is any authority, because tyranny dies hard, very hard. Meanwhile, I'm watching your story with great interest.