Monday, September 10, 2007

Parents - Send your kids to war and get bank!

This story was forwarded to me recently by a woman in Ohio:

"A little about the Delayed Enlistment Program. I have a friend named Michael, from Columbus, Ohio, who just turned 18 on Sept 2. Michael's dad, a police officer in Columbus, signed Michael up for the Army National Reserves this past summer. His grandmother was a friend of a friend of mine and Tim and we were able to get Michael out of the DEP. Michael started getting harassed by the recruiter and so JE McNeil, of CC&W, was able to advise Michael. Michael's family got a hold of the recruiters boss' boss who stopped the harassment, which went on for a few days. At one point Michael's grandmother was threatened with jail for aiding and abetting, and Michael threatened with jail for going "AWOL" though Michael never even went into the military. We now found out that Michael's dad, a police officer in Columbus, Ohio, was given $3000.00 to have his son join the military while was still 17 years old. Now Michael's dad has to pay the money back. I'm glad too because his dad is a jerk, in REALLY nice words, because who would send their son against his own will into the military during wartime when the enlistment rate is at an all time low? Anyone wanting to cover this story, let me know. Michael's grandmother Annie is compiling all of the harassing calls and writing them out by hand. She has agreed to speak to anyone who wants to call her. Please help this family get this message out that the military is giving away taxpayers money (our money) to parents who are willing to send their kids to war."
I will look for other similar stories. I wonder what they will say at out local recruitment office?

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