Thursday, September 13, 2007

Corporate Media's History of 9/11

There is a show on the History channel that I have caught a couple of times. It is about September 11th and the various theories that abound. I thought, "This will be interesting, seeing all the investigation into the truth", well, I was wrong. It continually painted those that question the White House's tale of that day as "Conspiracy Theorists", as many in corporate media do. The amusing thing about this show was that their "experts" were editors and writers for Popular Mechanics. Is that the best "experts" they could muster? They even changed the music when the "conspiracy theorists" spoke...dunnnnn, dunnnnn. If you really want a peek at this trash, I found a clip on Youtube:

How old is their key expert, 25? Come on History Channel! Does Rupert own your soul too?

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Rick said...

The History Channel is owned by the Hearst Corporation (the same that invented "yellow journalism") who ALSO owns Popular Mechanics. This is clearly a particularly lazy "hit piece" on 9/11 Truth.