Wednesday, September 26, 2007

You DO Have a Right to Dissent! We Swear!

Anyone who has ever taken to the streets in protest needs to be at UNCA on Thursday night. A forum on 'Your Right to Dissent' will be held at the Highsmith Center on September 27, 2007, at 7pm. If you cannot make it to UNCA, WPVM 103.5FM will be broadcasting the forum live. The moderator will be Professor Mark Gibney and panelists include Dr. Dwight Mullen, Attorney Frank Goldsmith, Clare Hanrahan, Sheriff Duncan among others. The free forum is organized by the WNC and UNCA student chapters of the ACLU and is sponsored by a wide coalition of organizations, including MAIN and WPVM. The forum will discuss your rights and restrictions on exercising free speech, free assembly and other constitutional rights.
With our rights being stripped from us on a daily basis, this forum is very important. If you would like more information, contact Alex Cury at 253-5088 or email her at

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