Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Let's Get Rid of this Lame Duck

I would first like to say that I think this 2008 election campaign started WAAAY too early, but I guess we are ALL tired of this administration and cannot wait for it to be over. Why the Congress did not impeach them both, is beyond me. If only some intern had taken one for the team and given him a blow job...
Concerning the presidential election, I am leaning towards Kucinich. Mike Gravel is the most experienced but the corporate monster has shut him out totally. Most of the debates favor the "front runners" Clinton, Obama and Edwards, very blatantly. There is a terrific website that lists the hot issues and lets you pick a side and choose whether the issue is important to you or is a key issue. Then it compares them to the Republican and Democratic candidates and their issues. It was designed by and can be accessed here. According to this quiz, I did not disagree with Gravel on a single issue. Kucinich made the top of my list, point wise, but I disagree with him on the 'No Child Left Behind Act'. This is 'Leave many children out and feed the rest to the military industrial complex Act' is not worth the paper it was written on. Schools actually lose funding if they do bad on the mandatory tests. Wouldn't they require more teachers and help if they have kids struggling? Just one more thing this administration has done to screw up this country.
Getting back to the election, I want to address this Ron Paul phenomenon. Why is every Paul supporter fanatical about it? They are like Jehovah's Witnesses...'let me tell you about Ron Paul'. Does his voting record not speak for itself? NO on a woman's right to choose, NO on stem cell research, NO on background checks for guns, NO on assault weapons ban, NO on universal health care, NO on Kyoto, YES on drilling in ANWR. What is there to like about this guy? He is for pulling out the troops and dislikes big government and wants to leave issues in the hands of the states. If he wins (that will be a cold day in Darfur) I guess I will have to move to a blue state like Vermont.

Gravel's recent Q&A session.

Gravel in 1971 - Not a flip-flopper.

Kucinich speaking recently at a Lebanese/American festival.

Ron Paul speaking on Google

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