Sunday, September 23, 2007

A little about Blackwater USA.

This is Erik Prince, founder and owner of Blackwater USA. The videos here today are about Blackwater. Blackwater is known as Americas largest private military. Do you remember a time in America when the ATF would raid and break up any group that stockpiled weapons like Blackwater? I forget if the government called them militias or what. Remember David Koresh and Waco? Why is Blackwater allowed to work without any oversight or consequences for their mistakes? Who is letting them do this? Shouldn't we be calling them mercenaries?
Now we are hearing reports of Blackwater smuggling weapons into Iraq!
Time for another investigation.

Also check out Jeremy Scahill and his book,
Blackwater: The rise of the worlds most powerful mercenary army.
Jeremy has blown the lid off the whole Blackwater controversy.

Blackwater USA compound in eastern North Carolina.

Blackwater's "offensive" driving course.

"Alleged" Blackwater turkey shoot in Iraq.

"Alleged" Blackwater shooting unarmed civilians.

Reuter's report on the recent Blackwater incident.

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