Sunday, August 19, 2007

Ashevilles True Heroes

Asheville has several groups that have been protesting for years now and I think they deserve more attention than I do.

The Veterans for Peace, chapter 099 have a protest near the Vance Monument in downtown Asheville every Tuesday from 5-6pm. We stand with them in their efforts and encourage you to also. If you are for Impeachment, ending the war, civil liberties, or just accountability from the Bush administration, JOIN US!

The Women in Black have a silent vigil against violence at the Vance Monument on Fridays from 5-6pm. We stand in solidarity across the street from them and hold our protest signs to lend their silence a voice. These ladies have been an INSPIRATION to my wife and I. Please, JOIN THEM!

The Western North Carolina Peace Coalition is a group that does all kinds of great things in the name of peace and understanding. They have been doing good in the city long before we have. Please, LEND THEM A HAND!

And last but not least, Claire Hanrahan! SHE HELPS EVERY CAUSE FOR TRUTH AND LOVE IN THIS CITY AND SHE IS MORE OF A HERO THAN I WILL EVER BE! THANK YOU CLAIRE, YOU HAVE DRIVEN US TO KEEP UP OUR EFFORTS! Please lend her your attention for she is the mother of Asheville protests! (And she has written several nice books.)


Thanks again to these groups, and to those that I don't know about... yet.


dancewater said...

The Episcopal Peace Fellowship have been holding a vigil at All Souls in Biltmore Village from 5:30 to 6 PM on Sundays for years now. They started with the upcoming war on Iraq.

The Peace Coalition has a weekly listserve that is moderated, so it is one email a week. Go to and sign up for the Actives list.

Rena said...

OMG Claire Hanrahan! She started her activists journey in St. Pete where I was also living at the time. She's amazing. Glad to know she's still raising hell against injustice and violence. Give her love from Rena.