Sunday, August 12, 2007

No More!

I had a dream the other night that the government was making war toys to ship to Iraq. My mission was to infiltrate the building where they were being manufactured and spoil their plans. Somewhere in the upper rankings I had an ally, a former coworker who was a Goth Wiccan. And that's where the dream ended. The dream seemed was so real, so vivid. I woke up with a feeling of purpose, like I could actually make a difference against this government run a muck.
I do feel that something is coming, though. Some greater change, a rising up of the population. As we stood on our usual corner with our signs last Friday, it was encouraging when another couple joined us. I wonder if they will come back. If slowly, one by one, couple by couple the citizens of this country rose up and say, "No more! No more will I stand by and let our criminal president destroy our country's good name! No more will I support an unjust war! No more!".

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