Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Crying for Mother Earth

As this week passes by, there is hardly any mention of the tragic thing our country did this week in 1945. Over 140,000 voices, mostly civilian, silenced in under a week in Japan. This not only affected the population at the time, but for generations. As of 2005, there were around 266,000 people labeled as hibakusha, explosion-affected people. Needless to say, the nation of Japan is a pacifistic society now.
Why, after seeing what affect this had on a population, does the USA insist on restarting the cold war? Will it take a major strike on our soil to turn our countrymen into pacifists?
Our Mother Earth is struggling to maintain her balance, yet our fearless leader insists that global warming is a myth. He appoints people who disbelieve the scientific evidence, or forces them to cover it up. We aided Bin Ladin and the Talaban. Watched as they destroyed one ancient Buddhist statue after another.
I wish deeply to have pride in my country, but the more research I do, the more shame I feel. I am so sad about the state of things, I find myself crying often. Crying for the Afghani and Iraqi children , hungry, not able to go to school. Crying for the brave young men and women dying for an unjust war. Often the only reason they joined the service was so they could go to college. Crying for Mother Earth and the lack of care so many have for her.
When I go to the candlelight vigil for Nagasaki on Thursday, I will cry. Tears of remorse, shame, and sadness. Tears for Gaia, our Mother Earth.

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