Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What? What? What?

The statement by the Asheville Police Department raises further questions. If they felt that Jonas was a danger to traffic, why did they not tell him that when they arrested him? Especially if that was the original police complaint. Why did Officer Crisp need Sergeant Riddle to arrest him? Is he not a law enforcement officer? And how can one person impede traffic?
After freeway blogging for two months now, I have never seen cars slow down to honk. They 'keep on a truckin'.
Due to the changing circumstance, we will not be making any further statements at this time regarding this specific incident. But we will continue to freeway blog, and so will others.

This Picture was taken by Kindra on 8-20-07 on the Flint Street Bridge in Asheville.

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Henry said...

When you do find an attorney, he/she will have a field day if these cops are put on the stand. I'll check back for more info on your legal defense fund. Good luck.