Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Intolerance of Mayor Bellamy?

I am editing this blog because we watched the city council meeting and saw for ourselves exactly what was said. Mayor Bellamy was referring to the environmental protesters who chained themselves together inside the Bank of America downtown on Monday, mainly concerning private property rights. She said she didn't like having people coming from out of state practicing civil disobedience on a small branch when the main branch is in Charlotte. But the Climate Convergence was not in Charlotte, it was in Brevard. Asheville is the closest big city. Our coal plants ARE destroying our environment and our government refuses to listen to scientific evidence.
It is civil disobedience that has shaped our nation.
Mayor Bellamy may need to clarify her statement. After all it is past civil disobedience that has changed things so we could have a strong African American woman as mayor of this Southern town.
As a coincidence, Jonas's roots are in Selma, Alabama. He moved to this beautiful city in 1992.


We have an update on our situation. We have contacted the ACLU and they are very interested in our case and are searching for an attorney.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we need to speak out! Tell your neighbor, tell your family and friends.

We ARE the people!
Use your voice!

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