Sunday, August 19, 2007

Freeway Blogging in America

Does anyone have information on someone else being arrested for Freeway Blogging? This is a phenomena that goes on across the country. Check out: Freeway for examples. People have been freeway blogging in Asheville for years now and my arrest is unfair. I did not 'hang my sign over the overpass' or post my sign on the bridge, (which is illegal in this city). I did however prop my sign on the ledge of the overpass as I held onto it. Lets not forget Sergeant Riddle's exclamations about me 'blocking the sidewalk'. Or the large printout of City Ordinance 16-2 in his hand as I was arrested. He never mentioned anything about me being a danger to motorist below. And as I mentioned before, we have a right to protest peacefully on the sidewalks of this city. As long as you do not block the walkway, road or business.
Besides, how can reading three words, 'IMPEACH BUSH / CHENEY' be a danger to motorist?

Asheville and America we encourage you to MAKE A SIGN, PICK A BRIDGE, and RAISE IT HIGH FOR ALL TO SEE! (Be sure to check your local ordinance). Freeway blogging has been going on for years and is a great and easy way to get your opinion seen by thousands of people.
When we started, it was our sole purpose to counter the corporate medias disinterest for Impeachment. We never imagined our message would spread across the country!!! Just Google 'Asheville arrest' or 'Jonas Phillips Asheville' and see for yourself. Since my arrest last Wednesday I have lost count of the minds that have been penetrated by our message online! So thank you Sergeant Riddle, you have helped our cause more than I could have ever done by myself!

Thanks everyone! Jonas


Henry said...

Check out

Your arrest is featured in a hihgly recommended posting there.

Anonymous said...

We've got your back buddy.

Do NOT plea bargain these charges. (no IOJ or ACDs) You get an unconditional dismissal on the merits.

At a minimum, Crisp and Riddle should lose their jobs over this.

At a maximum, they assaulted you and falsely imprisoned you, crimes unto themselves.