Sunday, August 19, 2007

Support Alternative Media!

We started protesting in Asheville because the mainstream media seems more interested in Celebrity gossip and the race for 2008 than Accountability and Justice for the current administration. My wife and I decided to do our best to let people see our signs so they know there are dissenting voices out there. It's time to change what we watch and listen to! Watch DEMOCRACY NOW, or ASHEVILLE GLOBAL REPORT, and compare it to your regular news outlet. These two sites have video and audio that you can download and take with you. (I get Democracy Now every weekday morning and take it to work on my music player.) Years ago I used to watch FOX NEWS and CNN, and I thought I would never find any better news source. I WAS WRONG. WAKE UP TO REAL NEWS! Or just get your news directly from the ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Please support Asheville Global Report! They have a weekly show that covers global news that is UNDERREPORTED by the Corporate Media. The last month or so has been tough on them. As their funds are running short. PLEASE DONATE!

Also Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! I LOVE THIS SHOW! They cover the most IMPORTANT NEWS IN THIS COUNTRY! Thank you Amy, Juan, and everyone at the Firehouse Studio in NYC for all your hard work! WE ARE LISTENING!

You can catch both shows in Asheville, NC on local station 103.5 WPVM, the progressive voice of the mountains. Please support this station as well. (they need a stronger signal)
PLEASE DONATE!!!! Thank you to Barry Summers of the show Making Progress, AND Cecil Bothwell of Blows Against the Empire for letting me tell my story on your shows!

And I must thank Virato Live!. His show is broadcast on 880 The Revolution, an AM radio station. Virato has been a major voice behind my story and I THANK YOU SIR! Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing you and EVERYONE at the Patriots Meeting at the WEST ASHEVILLE LIBRARY on Tuesday Night at 6:30.

One more note, if you do listen listen to these shows encourage your family and freinds to also! It is important to spead the word and counteract the corporate grip on news. Please support alternate media in your city and let us know if you have a news outlet we should check out.

Thanks Again, Jonas.

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